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Is silicone necessarily safe?


Is silicone necessarily safe?

admin 2024-06-12

Silicones are very stable polymers that are resistant to a wide range of temperatures and chemicals, so we consider them to be relatively safe. Many experts and authorities consider silicone to be non-toxic and safe for contact with food and drinking water. For example, Health Canada states that there are currently no known health hazards associated with the use of silicone kitchenware. Silicone rubber does not react with food or drinks and does not produce any harmful fumes.

Although research has determined that silicones are very stable, they are not completely inert and do not release chemicals. Some silicones have shown biological effects, such as causing tissue inflammation; other studies indicate that silicones may release chemicals.

For example, one study tested the release of siloxanes from silicone pacifiers and baking utensils into milk, infant formula, and simulated solutions of alcohol and water and found that after 6 hours, nothing was released into the milk or formula. inside; but after 72 hours, several siloxanes will be detected in the alcohol solution.

Silicones are generally believed to be endocrine disruptors, some of which have been linked to cancer. Because siloxanes are widely used to make silicone polymers and household products, they are now found in detectable concentrations on land, in the air, and in water, and because they are durable, they may persist in the environment Been around for a long time.

The conclusion is that the scientific evidence for silicone is still weak and not conclusive, but the questions and uncertainties are there, so we should pay close attention to this material, especially now that people are increasingly concerned about endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Substances because just a tiny amount of exposure in one generation can cause health problems.

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