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admin 2023-09-14

Silicones Market Plastic, Rubber, Composites and Industrial Release

LANYACHEM offers a range of products suitable in the formulation of ready to use release agent as well as processing aids (for pigment and filler treatment and polymer modifica...

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admin 2023-09-11

Silane Coatings & Inks Market Solutions

LANYACHEM masters the necessary technologies to cover the essential needs of paint and inks manufacturers. LANYACHEM offers resins for high temperature resistance, additives to...

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admin 2023-09-06

Silicones Construction application

LANYACHEM masters the necessary technologies to cover the essential needs of building and construction industry. LANYACHEM offers a broad spectrum of materials under different ...

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admin 2023-08-28

Functional Silicone Fluids

With an extensive experience in silicones,LANYACHEM is the largest independent producer of a wide range of functional silicones, resins, gums and emulsions. We have grown exper...

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admin 2023-08-28

Silicone Resins Application

Silicone resins offer solution as binders for industrial coatings and marine paint for excellent adhesion, durability and protection and as film former for personal care produc...

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admin 2023-08-14

Organic silicon applications

LANYACHEM is offering a focused range of cost effective silanes and has shown the ability to supply in all situations over the years. SilanesThe chemical structure of si...

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