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Organic silicon applications


Organic silicon applications

admin 2023-08-14

LANYACHEM is offering a focused range of cost effective silanes and has shown the ability to supply in all situations over the years.

The chemical structure of silanes allows them to link with both organic and inorganic substrates. Silanes are used in an encompassing variety of applications and fields, making use of the unequalled chemical properties of silicone compounds. Silanes enhance product performance, extend product life and expand as well, a product’s usefulness. LANYACHEM is focusing on the main silanes which account for the bulk needs of most industries.

New application areas are constantly being discovered for silanes and LANYACHEM cleverly responds to these new developments. LANYACHEM’s silane product portfolio is mainly used in the following markets (prone to alteration):
Paints & inks
Plastic & rubber
Sealant & adhesive
Wire & cable
Fiber glass & composites
Glass wool & mineral wool
Filler & pigment
Bulk molding compound
Foundry mold
Surface treatment
The main features of LANYACHEM’s silane range depend on the application and market but in general our silanes can be used as:
Adhesion promoter
Coupling agents

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