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YASIL-EMU 1349 is a multi-functional high content special modified silicone emulsion, the
product contains special active groups, good film formation, because the product is non-ionic
emulsion, so excellent compounding, suitable for various industries; The textile industry as a linting
agent and sewing thread lubricant, the leather industry after treatment with excellent bright, oily
feel, in furniture and car care can effectively use the surface clean It is also widely used as mold
release agent.

Typical Properties


• Non-ionic emulsion with good compounding properties;
• The special particle size of emulsion provides high gloss;
• Uniform particle size distribution of emulsion, relatively good stability;
• No yellowing, can be used to treat white and light-colored fabrics;
• Easy to apply, can be used directly or after simple dilution;
• No alkyl phenol substances, more environmentally friendly;
• Can be widely used in the textile, leather, daily chemical and other industries;

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