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Dimethyl Silicone Oil

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Dimethyl Silicone Oil


YAC-MF2010 Dimethyl silicone oil, chemical name is Polydimethylsiloxane, which formula is (CH3)3SiO[(CH3)2SiO]n-Si(CH3)3, this products is a kind of transparent, colourless polydimethylsilixane liquid, available viscosities ranging from 10cps to 8000000cps.

YAC-MF2010 has an apparent viscosity of 5cps-8000000cps at 25°C. It is a colorless, transparent, inert, oily liquid. It is stable over a wide temperature range of -50°C to 250°C.



Viscosity(25℃) mpa.s10±150±5100±5350±251000±50
Flash point ≥°C)160270290290290
Specific gravity(25 °C)g/cm30.930-0.9400.955-0.9650.960-0.9700.962-0.9720.967-0.975
Volatile content(≤)11111


200Kg Drums,IBC totes


·Excellent water repellency.

·Good dielectic properties over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.

·Low surface tension – readily wets clean surfaces to impart water repellency and release characteristics.

·Viscosities above 10 mm²/s also exhibit heat stability, oxidation resistance, very low vapour pressures, and high flash point.

·Low order of toxicity

·Essentially odourless

·Soluble in a wide range of solvent

·Non-greasy and non-rancidifying


·RELEASE MATERIAL: Used alone or as part of a compounded formula, MF-2010 Fluid provides a noncarbonising mould release for rubber, plastics, and metal die castings.

·FOAM PREVENTITIVE: Extremely small amounts of the fluid effectively control foam in many processing operations, especially in non-aqueous systems.

·MECHANICALFLUID: Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics, thermal and chemical stability, shear-breakdown resistance, compressibility, and rubber compatibility make MF-2010 Fluidoutstanding for mechanical/ hydraulic uses. Typical uses include hydrolic stabilisers, damping media.

·SURFACE-ACTIVE MATERIAL: Added to vinyl plastisols, MF-2010 Fluid improves the flow characteristics, de-aerates and lubricates the surface of the completed part.

·LUBRICANT: The fluid provides excellent lubrication for most plastic and elastomeric surfaces. Lubricity with metals depends upon the combination involved. Care should be taken to select suitable metals for pumps and other items with moving parts.

·COSMETICS AND SKIN PREPARATIONS: MF-2010 Fluid is an important ingredient in hand creams, skin protectants, suntan lotions, and hair grooming aids because it forms a non-greasy, protective film which resists water and waterborne irritants, yet allows the skin to breathe. Literature is available that details the use of the fluid in cosmetics. ~

·POLISHES AND CHEMICAL SPECIALITIES: MF-2010 Fluid is used in most automobile and furniture polishes for its ease of application, high gloss with minimum rubbing, and a durable water-repel-lant film. It is also used in many other specialty formulations, including aerosol starches and fabric conditioners. Additional literature is available.

·ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: With excellent dielectric properties, MF-2010 Fluid can be used for both insulating and damping applications.



The product can be stored at room temperature for 24 months or more. Avoid exposing the product to extreme cold or heat for a long time: if the product is frozen, it should be thawed slowly at room temperature with proper stirring, remember not to thaw the product by direct heating. To ensure the quality of the product, the container should be used up as soon as possible after opening and the lid should be tightly closed when not in use.

Recommend Shelf Life:

24 months


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